Ode to Odie

Shen Ge
1 min readApr 6, 2024
Image Credit: Intuitive Machines

I wrote this poem before the Intuitive Machines launch to describe my excitement on working on it on console. I originally shared it with my company coworkers. This picture is one taken shortly after launch vehicle separation on February 15, 2024. You can see Australia clearly depicted.

Come February — give me your darkness and coldness

We can be warmed by the roar of a fiery liftoff

— every second of sound a stirring symphony

like heavenly fire doused on mundane kerosene

Start of an odyssey across the vastness of space

— a boundless cold hard vacuum

deter not our intrepid vessel

Its every tangible wire and intangible line of software

resonates with the touch of the hands, hearts, and minds

of a myriad of souls over the spans of countless hours

to turn soft conceptions of immaterial fantasy

into the hard metal of material reality

To see our dreams take first flight

… I pause here

Predictive words can only go so far

and indubitably fail to capture

feelings that require

the true trajectory of experience



Shen Ge

Engineer and console operator who helped America land back on the moon 2/22/2024. Enjoys code + poetry. Become a member: https://medium.com/@shenge86/membership