Last words on a
forgotten portion of
this letter dedicated to you,
my love everlasting.

I don’t remind you enough
of how much you make my
vocal cords speechless and
my heart sing melodies
in dialects I do not fully understand.

Only to you I speak like so:
“Thine heart words resonate
rhapsody symphonies so bittersweet
and indescribable.

Oh, bashful female soul.
Let me preach about
Loveland, where you and I
truly belong.”

Grin and sleep
with neutral thought.

April 10, 2011

Copyright © Z.M Wise 2011

Note: First published in Harbinger Asylum, this was a poem written by Z. M. Wise who has kindly allowed me to share via my creative medium.



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Shen Ge

Shen Ge

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