Physics Reflection on Blue Day

Shen Ge
May 5, 2024


Photo by Resul Mentes 🇹🇷 on Unsplash

I glance up from my monitor showing atmospheric simulations

I see evening sunlight streaming through

smoky sky scattered blue

Perhaps I have played with these models too long

They leak into my interpretation of mundane

Sunlight is composed of photons flung out after nuclear fusion in the sun

Jacchia-Roberts density model is irrelevant to rapidity of photonic speed

Assume refractive index n = 1.0003

Light speed reduction from vacuum to air by 90 km/s

Merely a 3/10,000 reduction of its total speed

Most brains with eyes don’t ponder this sight

The sky is blue with no clouds, so people say

A mundane statement of an accepted ordinary reality



Shen Ge

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