Shen Ge
Sep 4, 2023


Photo by NASA on Unsplash

What is this stellar expansion in my chest masked as nervousness?

Did it exist before these words marked its presence on these pages?

Are these true feelings the yet-to-be lit ending of a lifetime of smoldering fusion?

The canvas of my heart cannot be drawn out by traces of lines from the slow drips of a sullen paintbrush

To loosen grip of the gravitational pull of unimaginable magnitude,

to move atoms freely to a new resonance unbounded by prior frequencies,

to create new constellations from the death of old energy states,

to reach something far greater requires a crescendo of change —

a sudden supernova for the birth of a nebula with cosmic range



Shen Ge

Engineer and console operator who helped America land back on the moon 2/22/2024. Enjoys code + poetry. Become a member: