Ever wanted to record a video of you playing a game or making a video tutorial of a tool on your computer? Whereas previous versions of Windows did not have a flexible way of doing so without you downloading 3rd party software, Windows 10 does!

It is called Xbox Game Bar and it’s installed with Windows 10. Whenever you wish to capture a video or photo press the Windows logo key + G on your keyboard to open it up. If you have an Xbox, you can press the Xbox button. …

A poem on stellar flare, particularly motivated by this NASA article:

Photo courtesy of NASA Goddard Media Studios.

The source is the star

Quiescent only briefly

Features suddenly appear

The stellar dynamo

Convection and heat

Internal forces erupting and driving

Until finally…ejection!

Great clouds of plasma

Traveling across the vast expanse of space

Light, X-rays and

bursts of radio energy for good measure

A thunderous crashing of matter and energy

Pursuing paths to the bounds of its system

Oh these planets of life and air,

Hope you are not caught in this flare!

I imagined two deer, a mother and a child, in the woods and thought of how it can relate to human mother-child relationships.

Photo by Divide by Zero on Unsplash

softly sauntering through scented sweet summer grass

a deer fawn trots amongst verdant leaves shining in the sun like brass

half a year old but already carrying over a century worth of wonder

hearing the songbirds above and smelling the summer air around her,

she blunders through the gaps in the trees

her mother, half-hidden watching and resting next to a honeysuckle bush

knows far better the rush of life and the swifter bloody gush of death

I saw a shooting star and thought of its brevity of existence in the atmosphere akin to the brevity of human life.

Photo by Phil Botha on Unsplash

A straight path burns the atmosphere

A shooting star illuminates a dark sky

A moment here, a moment gone

A journey akin life’s joys and scars –

now it shines, then flows and goes

A poem on a future that has yet to come…

Photo by Krish Parmar on Unsplash

Last millennium was nothing like today

The news tells us new innovations every day

Steam engine, combustion engine, electricity, nuclear power,

Light bulbs, phones, TVs, printers, computers, Internet,

Submarines, cars, airplanes, rockets, antibiotics

Mariana Trench diving and the moon landing

We have gone down and we have gone up

At the start of the third millennium

I thought of even bigger dreams it seems

The Internet arrived and got ever faster

Phones became smarter and got smaller

I can even go get a 5G router

But I wave my hands and can’t see the invisible ones and zeros

What about physical machines built by true heroes?

Where’s our moon base? Where’s our fusion power?

Two decades ago we were promised the moon and Mars

We haven’t gone so far; we don’t even have flying cars

A poem written from the perspective of Earth

Photo by Matt Nelson on Unsplash

Four and a half eons ago, from Theia’s death you arose

You tried to escape but my gravity kept your orbit closed

You tried to turn away but I rotated your pockmarked face

So that I could see the side with your oceans of dark pores

You silently tugged my waters towards your shores

High tide low tide an endless cycle day and night

Moving away at four centimeters a year?

You don’t have 50 billion years to spare

And even at the end, you’ll still be orbiting near

But now I…

Photo by Verena Böttcher on Unsplash

Green tea hot water


Light taste in mouth

An alchemized moment

Breathe in crisp flavorless air

Lean back — see

Pearly whiteness embedded

On azure permanence

Lightly dusted golden thoughts


Choir of weighty voices lift

Life carries marvelous simplicity

Concrete complications are pale shadows

– artificial fields to confine the

Photonic dreams from life’s fountain

Such ancient particles are to fly free

– meant to be more than just seen

Drink them and simply glow

Brighter than the streaming sunlight

– absorb the stream of life

Photo by Harli Marten on Unsplash

An irreducible space of time

A portrait of pure perfect passage

A minuscule yet miraculous moment –

A most silent slice of serene sky

A soft summer breeze,

a rustles of leaves,

calms a hard beating

of my heart

I am moved into stillness,

in the name of this

nameless nuance

The day

stands before me

following the moment

into the day

Shen Ge

Hosts #Houston #spaceradio show #SG2onSpace and writes #shengecreative. Interested in #spaceflight #nasa #art #poetry #spaceflight http://fb.me/theshenshow

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